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Donate to the animals


Over 500 homeless and abandoned animals each year get the medical treatment they need and find a new home through our rescue- could you help us?


Participate in our FaceBook Auction
​About every 3-4 weeks we hold an online auction of donated items that help defray the costs of transportation, medical, "pull fees" from kill shelters, and other associated costs in running an all volunteer rescue. Not one dime goes for salaries or compensation. We feel that if you need compensation other than the good work that we do, you are in the wrong business.


Donate items for the auction

Our auctions have become the mainstay of our fundraising. With your generously donated items (make sure they can be shipped) we raise the funds that completely change the lives of our rescued love ones.


Remember us in your will

​Although most folks don't have an "estate" as such, many own their own home or automobiles. When you die without a will the state appoints an executor (most states) that determines your affairs. Don't let that happen. Even a simple statement allocating a percentage of your estate to "Lynn for The Animals, Inc., a North Carolina corporation" will make a huge difference to a small organization like ours/yours.


Make a direct donation

Through this website or postal service, you can always send a donation to:

Lynn for The Animals

631 Monte Vista Rd.

Candler, NC 28715

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